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Château Arnaude

Bréban family acquired the Château Arnaude and its winery in January 2019.

It is situated near the Provençal village of Lorgues and covers an area of about 30 hectares.

Cultivated by the monks until the late 18th century, the hilly vineyard commands a panoramic view of the surrounding countryside.

Currently the estate is comprised of a cellar, a tree climbing course, and a guest house.

The "Château Arnaude" estate and its surrounding vineyards offer corporate guests an ideal setting in which to entertain.

Its adventure park hosts various cultural and artistic events, team-building days and family celebrations.

An adjacent picnic area accommodates up to 60 people. It can be reserved for use by either individuals or groups.

Moreover, the cottage with its swimming pool is also available for rent.



Château Arnaude

The wines produced at Château Arnaude are of Côtes de Provence appellation.

The facilities include an adventure park, picnic area, guest rooms, and an outdoor pool – all designed to complement the estate's wine-making activities.


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