Octopus salad with salicornia

Mimi rosé wine goes well with octopus salad with Salicornia.

For 2 persons: 100g of marinated octopus * 100g of potatoes * 100g of peas * 100g of green beans * 2 eggs * 20 sprigs of Salicornia * a bicolor beetroot * 2 cherry tomatoes * a sprig of parsley * onion greens * vinegar * olive oil * salt * pepper * beetroot leafs * arugula * black sesame seeds 

Cook the potatoes, peas, green beans and eggs. Let cool.

To prepare the sauce, mix salt and pepper in the vinegar, mix with a fork with the olive oil. Wash and quarter the cherry tomatoes. 

Wash and chop the onion greens and parsley. 

Cut up the marinated octopus, potatoes, peas, green beans and eggs. Add tomatoes, onion greens, parsley and sauce. 

Arrange the preparation on a plate, decorate with sprigs of Salicornia, cut eggs, strips and two-tone beetroot, young beetroot leaves, arugula and black sesame seeds.