At the «Challenge International 2019» festival, the sparkling wine  DUC DE RAYBAUD Chardonnay was honored with a silver medal.

A silver medal was conferred upon the sparkling white wine BIO Baron de Breban Brut at the " Vinalies Internationales 2019 " contest.

The sparkling rosé wine MIMI was awarded a silver medal at the "Mondial du Rosé 2019" competition.

Mimi en Provence rosé wine received a gold medal at « Concours CIVP Vins Provence ».

At the "CGA" event held in Paris, six wines presented by Vins Breban were recognized for their exceptional quality and distinctive character. DOMAINE DE PONTFRACT, CHÂTEAU PEYROL, DOMAINE LES GRES, and DOMAINE FAZI appellation Corsica received gold medals. MIMI EN PROVENCE was awarded with a silver medal, while a bronze was granted to the rosé DOMAINE BEYSSANETTE wine.

The rosé wines Domaine Casa Rossa AOP Corsica, Domaine Casa Rossa IGP Ile de Beaute, and Domaine Vergajolo gained honorable mentions at "Vinalies Nationales".

At the competition "Gilbert & Gaillard 2019 " seven wines presented by Vins Breban received awards: DOMAINE CASA ROSSA appellation Corsica, DOMAINE CASA ROSSA IGP Ile de Beauté, DOMAINE FAZI appellation Corsica, DOMAINE FAZI IGP Ile de Beauté, DOMAINE ALZITELLA, ALIVETTO and VERGAJOLO were each awarded gold medals.

The sparkling white wine HENRI KIELBERG BRUT BLANC was honored with a silver medal at "Challenge des Marques 2019 ".