Vins Breban – Tasting Notes, from the "Wine Enthusiast" 2017

Rose wines of Provence Cote d Azur 2017Rosé wines MADO EN PROVENCE, DOMAINE DES MONTICOLES, CHÂTEAU DE LIBRAN, DOMAINE VALFONT, DOMAINE LA COLOMBE appellation Coteaux Varois en Provence, DOMAINE DE PARIS, BO RIVAGE Coteaux Varois en Provence, VILLA AIX, LES HAUTS PLATEAUX rosé were rated as follows : 88, 88, 88, 86, 86, 86, 86, 85 and 85 points respectively.

The Wine Enthusiast’s specific opinions about individual wines are as noted:

MADO EN PROVENCE rosé wine is soft and ripe to start but deliciously balanced and crisp at the end. Named after Madeleine or Mado, an imaginary Provencal lady, the wine is packed in latest Provence fashion bottle with a glass-stopper.

DOMAINE DES MONTICOLES  wine is pale pink in color, refreshingly light and crisp. With its attractive red-currant flavors, the wine is lively, bright and bone dry.

CHÂTEAU DE LIBRAN rosé wine is crisp, bright with acidity and red-currant fruits. It has weight while also having an intensely crisp texture. Its aftertaste and rich texture are lifted at the end by à shot of citrus. The wine comes from the estate of a 19th-century family-owned château.

DOMAINE VALFONT rosé wine is best described as a attractively fruity, crisp and light. With a touch of caramel under the red fruits, it is lively, with balanced acidity at the end.

DOMAINE LA COLOMBE  rosé wine is produced from the estate’s vineyard between 900 and 1300 feet in elevation close to the Sainte-Victoire mountain. Its proximity to St. Victoire gives this attractive wine its cool feel. It is fruity while also having a tangy texture and fine acidity. The wine is well in balance and full of fruit.

DOMAINE DE PARIS rosé wine is smooth and fruity. It is very open, accessible with a lightly zesty texture. The wine has a perfumed crisp aftertaste.

BO RIVAGE rosé wine is attractively onion-skin pink in color. This wine is lightly textured and delicate in flavor. It does have à dry peppery edge that brings out some structure. The wine’s crisp fruit is restrained.

VILLA AIX  rosé wine is laced with really crisp fruits and red-currant flavors. This wine is brightly fuity, lively and with a tight texture.

LES HAUTS PLATEAUX rosé wine is produced in the mountains which rise up behind the French Riviera. It has an attractive cool feel, while keeping plenty of fruit and a ripe caramel character. It is bright with plenty of acidity at the end.