Miraval 2015"Château Miraval" - auction for the benefit of the association "Sustainable Villages"

On the occasion of the third auction for the benefit of the Congolese Association, the theme of which was "Sustainable Villages," Jean-Jacques Bréban acquired one barrel of "Château Miraval" and one barrel of "Fairy's Gold" ("Cuvée l'Or des Fées") from winemakers resident in Correns.

The barrel of "Lady Jane 2014 of Château Miraval" was signed by the hand of the American actor Brad Pitt.

The objective of the third sale of the Organic Masters-growers of Correns in favor of the Congolese Association correspond to the commitments of the town, as recalled Jean-Jacques Bréban, "in the interests of sustainable development and in order help this wonderful project in the Congo."