Awards for the wines in 2014 – Wines of Provence and Corsica wines

In 2014, the “Vins Bréban” presented a variety of vintages at the General Agriculture Fair (CGA), International Wine Challenge, and at competitions held in Macon and Beaune, and a total of 18 wines were honored with medals.

Medals at “General Agriculture Fair” (CGA) competitions

The wines of Provence received 9 medals overall at the General Agricultural Fair in Paris.

Gold medals were granted for the rosé wines DOMAINE LA CHAPELLE (Appellation Côtes de Provence), DOMAINE DE PONTFRACT (Appellation Côtes de Provence), CHÂTEAU DES BORMETTES (Appellation Côtes de Provence), and DOMAINE LA COLOMBE (Appellation Coteaux Varois en Provence).

Silver medals were bestowed upon the rosé wines DOMAINE LES GRÈS (Appellation Côtes de Provence), CHATEAU ST JEAN (Appellation Côtes de Provence), DOMAINE DE PARIS (Appellation Côtes de Provence), and the ALZITELLA (IGP Corsica).

A bronze medal was conferred upon the DOMAINE DE PONTFRACT (IGP VAR).

Medals at "International Wine Challenge" competitions

Among the awards presented at the International Wine Challenge, the gold medal was granted to the rosé wine DOMAINE ST ESTIENNE (Appellation Coteaux Varois en Provence) and a silver medal was given for the DOMAINE FAZI (IGP Corsica).

Medals at “Macon” competitions

At the MACON contest three bronze medals were conferred upon the rosé wines DOMAINE CASA ROSSA (Appellation Corsica), DOMAINE SAINT ESTIENNE (Appellation Coteaux Varois en Provence), and LOU PARAIS (Appellation Pierrevert).

Medals at “Beaune” competitions

In the competition at BEAUNE, three Corsican wines were honored with medals: gold medals were granted for the rosé wine DOMAINE FAZI IGP and the white wine DOMAINE FAZI, and a bronze medal was conferred for the red wine DOMAINE CASA ROSSA IGP.

Medal at "Vinalies Œnologues de France" competitions

The white wine Pastoreccia Cuvée Marc Antoine (Appellation PATRIMONIO) was honored with a ​silver medal accompanied by a special designation (prix) for excellence ​at the ​competition "Vinalies Œnologues de France".

"Hachette" Guide 2015

The rosé wine Domaine d’Estienne was honored with 1 star by the Hachette Guide 2015.

The Worldwide Sparkling Wines Competition 2014

At the Sparkling Wines Competition 2014, Bo Rivage Rosé Brut sparkling wine was presented with a silver medal.