White night in the vineyards on Sunday 4 August 2019

Mimi la Celle Nuit blanche 04 08 2019


To celebrate 20 years of hospitality, a musical picnic is to be organized at the Abbey la Celle on 4 August 2019.

A bottle of "MIMI en Provence" rosé wine appellation Coteaux Varois en Provence will be included in a gourmet basket to be prepared by chef Nicolas Pierantoni. 

The "anniversary offer" is designed for two people, and includes two concert tickets with the picnic basket.

In order to respect the theme of the evening, a white dress code will be required.

Reservations are to be made on the website of the Hostellerie de l'Abbaye de la Celle - Ducasse Hospitality."



Mimi new design 2019MIMI IN THE UNITED STATES

A distinguished example of Vins Bréban’s know-how, Mimi en Provence is making waves in the Americas with a new offering. In late March, 20,000 bottles of the limited edition, decorated by Denise Lach, crossed the Atlantic in matching boxes destined for the United States.


In March, as well, several bottles of Mimi en Provence were featured at the presentation of a new line of swimwear.

Mexico has a population of 131 million and attracts some 40 million tourists a year. Yet its populace has barely established itself as a mass consumer of wine. Vins Bréban’s strategy for market entry is similar to the one it adopted when it began selling to Brazil about ten years ago: enter the market that demonstrates strong sales potential.

The mexican wine market in 2017 *

Population - 131 million;

Consumption - 0.78 litres pp/pa (0.4 % of world consumption); 80% - red; 19% - white; 1% - rosé;

Imports - 720,000 hl; France - 2nd largest supplier by value.

*Source: International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV)


Château l'Arnaude - an ideal setting for special events

On February 28th 2019 the Bréban family finalized its acquisition of the Château l'Arnaude winery and its estate.

Chateau l Arnaude domaine vue aerienne Vins Breban 2019"At first, it was its natural setting that I found totally seductive," says Jean-Jacques Bréban. "When I am up there, I see the Esterel, the Maures, and a pretty hilly vineyard, that reminds me a little of Tuscany, which I love. It also has a beautiful large Provençal building dating back to 1861, with genuine features and six fully equipped rooms and some lovely spaces."

A former 18th century hermitage on the route to Santiago de Compostela, its vines has been cultivated by monks for several centuries.

In 2010, facilities were expanded to include an adventure park, picnic area, guest rooms, and an outdoor pool – all designed to complement the estate's wine-making activities.

The "Château l'Arnaude" estate and its surrounding vineyards offer corporate guests an ideal setting in which to entertain.

Its adventure park hosts various cultural and artistic events, team-building days and family celebrations. An adjacent picnic area accommodates up to 60 people. It can be reserved for use by either individuals or groups. Moreover, the cottage with its swimming pool is also available for rent.

Address: Domaine Château l'Arnaude, route de Vidauban, Lorgues, 83510, France  

Phone : +33 6 21 81 71 45



Vins Breban at ProWine Hong Kong 2019Wine and Spirits Trade Shows in Hong Kong and Tokyo

Vins Bréban was present at ProWine Asia.

This trade show caters to wine and spirits professionals throughout the Asia-Pacific region. It was held May 7-10, 2019 in Hong Kong.

About 310 exhibitors and 1,300 visitors participated in the event.

On May 27th, Jean-Jacques Bréban participated in the World's Leading Wines of Tokyo.

This trade fair brought together buyers who import for the Japanese market and exporters from around the world.

Rosé and red wines « Château de l'Arnaude » at the "Taste of France" in Naples

Rosé and the red wines « Château de l'Arnaude » were featured on the occasion of the "Taste of France" event in Naples. The event was organized by the French Consulate. It took place on March 23rd.

Trip to Germany: Delegation of French National Sparkling Wine Union 2019Visit to Germany

On March 25th 2019, Jean-Jacques Bréban headed the delegation of French National Sparkling Wine Union to Germany, one of the world's leading market of sparkling wines.

The french delegation visited several largest producers in Wiesbaden, Eltville, Rüdesheim and Trier.

The german wine market in 2017 *

Population - 82.3 million;

Consumption - 24.6 liters pp/pa (8.3 % of world consumption, world’s 4th largest consumer);

48% - red; 35% - white; 17% - rosé;

Imports - 15.22 million hl (world’s largest importer by volume), of which 2.17 million hl are french wines (14.3 % in volume, 26.3 % market share).

*Source: International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV)