Sandwich aux courgette et concombre recettes vins breban 2015ZUCCHINI AND CUCUMBER SANDWICH

Alliance food - wine:

Summer sandwiches made from fresh zucchini and cucumber are delightfully complimented by the  MIMI EN PROVENCE  rosé wine.

Preparation - 15 minutes.

For two (2) servings: Flat Bread (2) with dill, a fresh zuccini, cucumber, radish, and salted cheese: either "Boursin" with garlic and fine herbs or fresh cheese "Carré frais"; tomatoes and salad "mâche" (lamb's lettuce) to complete the ensemble.

Split the bread in half. Spread salted cheese on the bread, cover with fresh zucchini strips or zuccini and cucumber, and add the sliced radishes and close the sandwich. Serve with salad "mâche" (lamb's lettuce) and tomatoes.