twilight-rose-dessert-rose-sparkling-wine-duc-de-raybaud-pinot-noirDESSERT TWILIGHT ROSE

Alliance food - wine:

"Duc de Raybaud Pinot Noir" sparkling wine goes well with Twilight rose.

Preparation - 15 min. For two (2) servings: 20 strawberries (or garnished mara des bois) * 4 stirred yoghurts * 2 vanilla sugar * 1 teaspoon of rose water * 1 or 2 small strawberries for decoration.

Rinse the fruit in cold water, then drain. Hull the strawberries, cut into small cubes, place them in the bowl of a blender or shake by hand (the laminated) for ten seconds.

Add raspberries, yogurt, vanilla sugar and rose water. Repeat the operation and stir the mixture until frothy.

Pour into 2 beautiful bowls, garnish with one or two small strawberries and serve.