Tagliatelles-Crevettes-rose-wine-of-provenceSHRIMP WITH TAGLIATELLES

Alliance food - wine:

The rosé wine  "DOMAINE DE PONTFRACT"  IGP Var, Provence, goes well with shrimp and tagliatelles.

Preparation - 15 min. Cooking time - 15 min. For two (2) servings: 200g of tagliatelles * 200g of shrimp * 1 shallot * 2cs olive oil * 2 tablespoons of butter * 2 tablespoons of cognac * 2cs concentrated tomatoes * 100 g of cream

Shell the shrimp and cook either on the grill or in a pan over high heat with olive oil and butter. When browned, turn up the heat and add flaming brandy. Keep cooked shrimp warm until ready for serving.

Preparation of the sauce: Brown the shallots in a pan with olive oil and butter for about 2 minutes, then add cream and tomato sauce. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and cook 2 minutes.

Meanwhile cook the pasta in boiling lightly salted water. When the pasta is soft but still a little firm, drain and serve onto plates.

Serve the shrimp and tagliatelles with the sauce.