Alliance food - wine:

Rosé wine IGP Corsica  «ALZITELLA»  nicely compliments a Panaché of Mozzarella, tomatoes and rocket salad.

Preparation - 15 minutes. For two (2) servings: 2 slices of bread * 150 g mozzarella * 150 g of arugula (rocket salad) * 1 red tomato * 1 yellow tomato * 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar * 2 tablespoons of olive oil * 2 teaspoons of honey * a branch of parsley * salt and freshly ground pepper

Toast the bread and add the honey.

Cut the mozzarella into fine slices. Wash and dry tomatoes. Cut into slices.

In a bowl, dissolve 1 pinch of salt in balsamic vinegar, add olive oil, whisking and peppering to taste.

Place the toasted bread, slices of tomatoes, and mozzarella on a serving plate. Add rocket salad and drizzle with vinaigrette. Decorate with one or more sprigs of parsley.

For variation, one can also add some black olives as well as toasted sesame seeds for added flavor.