Parmentier agneau 2019PARMENTIER WITH LAMB

Alliance food – wine:

Rosé wine MIMI EN PROVENCE perfectly accompanies Parmentier with lamb.

Cooking time - 1 hour

For 4 persons: 600g of lamb shoulder * olive oil * 2 onions * 4 cloves of garlic * 1/2 glass of red wine * 1/2 glass of water * 800 g of potatoes * 2 eggs * 50g of butter * 3 tablespoons of breadcrumbs * salt * pepper * arugula

Prepare the shoulder of lamb in a large sauce pan or skillet. Stir in the minced onions and chopped garlic cloves, add olive oil, then mix in pieces of meat. Cook, stirring over high heat for about 5 minutes, then add half a glass of red wine and half a glass of water and continue cooking under the lid on low heat for about 40 minutes.

At the same time, prepare the potatoes in boiling water. Mash them, add the eggs and butter.

Place half of the mashed potatoes in a gratin dish, then - the minced meat. Cover with remaining mashed potatoes. Sprinkle the Parmentier with bread crumbs and butter hazelnuts, then bake in the preheated oven. When serving, garnish with arugula leaves.



Potimaron foie gras vin rose 2019FRIED FOIE GRAS WITH POTIMARRON SOUP

Alliance food – wine:

Rosé wine MIMI EN PROVENCE perfectly accompanies pan-fried foie gras with potimarron soup.

Cooking time - 1 hour.

For two servings: 200 g of fresh foie gras * 800 g raw of potimarrons; 1 onion of 60 g; 3 cloves of garlic * 1 large potato, 1 carrot, 150 ml water or chicken stock to cover the vegetables in the pan  * 100 ml whole cream 30% * salt * pepper
Cut the fresh foie gras in small pieces and cook them in frying pan on the strong fire from both sides for about 5 minutes. Turn off the heat and keep the foie gras under a lid.

To prepare the soup, peel the onion and the garlic, cut them in four. Peel the potato and carrot, cut into slices. Peel and seed the pumpkin, then cut its flesh into small cubes.

Cook in a large casserole, covering the vegetables with 150 ml water or chicken stock about 30 minutes.

Stir the cooked vegetables and the whole cream to the mixer to obtain a very fine soup.

Place the pieces of foie gras in the bottom of the plates and serve the potimarron soup. Add the whole cream to soup to taste.


Jambon farci 2019STUFFED HAM

Alliance food – wine:

CHÂTEAU L'ARNAUDE Cuvée Nuit Blanche Rosé wine goes well with stuffed ham.

Preparation - 15 min.

For two servings: 2 slices cooked ham * 2 slices of raw ham * 4 tomatoes "Roma" * 200 g of mi-salted cheese (Boursin with Garlic & Herbs or "fresh square") * 100 g of Mozzarella * balsamic sauce * some mixed salad leaves

Spread the salted cheese on the ham slices and fashion them into rolls.

Wash the salad leaves and tomatoes. Drain salad leaves and place them on plates.

Put stuffed ham rolls in the middle of plates.

Add the raw ham slices, mozzarella cut into cubes and tomatoes on the salad.

Sprinkle lightly with balsamic sauce.